Yo Whatsapp Latest Version Download For Android{100% Secure}

   Yo Whatsapp lets you enjoy incredible additional features along with the basic and useful features from WhatsApp.

   Yo Whatsapp Apk Latest Version for Android is developed by Yousef but after some time they stopped developing this app.

  Fouad Mok's dad (the developer of FM WhatsApp) received permission from Yousef and decided to develop Yo Whatsapp Latest Version.

  It will release future WhatsApp updates.  Well, don't worry, we will update all new versions on our website. 

  So you can bookmark this site to download Fouad Yo Whatsapp APK anytime.  It's time to take your WhatsApp to the next level with advanced features!

  We will provide you amazing WhatsApp experience with advanced features.  If you want to know more, read our article about what YO WhatsApp is.

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What Is YO WhatsApp?

Before proceeding with the Yo Whatsapp download process, here is everything about the app.  With this app, you can personalize all your conversations, set a unique background for each of your friends, and change the font size.  Plus, you get a lot of emojis, full-size images and videos, and more than 700 images at once.  Finally, this application allows you to hide your contact logs.

    Note.  Many people think that using the improved version of WhatsApp can block the original application.  This is not true because we share the download link for Anti-Ban APK on our page.  You can easily download and use Yo Whatsapp APK on any device without blocking.

    Yo Whatsapp is the same as regular WhatsApp except for the extra features.  So you can make calls, send messages, voice messages, pictures, videos, and anything else you can do with WhatsApp.

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  • Is YoWhatsapp Safe?        Ans. Yes
  • Is This Website Site?         Ans. Absolutely Yes
  • Is My Data Secure?           Ans. Yes
  • Do We Store User Data?   Ans. No

YO WhatsApp APK File Download (Recommended)

App NameYO WhatsApp APK
VersionVersion (Latest Version)
Size52.1 MB
Total Downloads100,000+

YO WhatsApp Latest Version Main Features

Yousef has launched multiple versions of his app, so how do you know what new features he has added?

  Don't worry, this section is specially written to share the feature list of the latest releases.  In this section, we will not talk about the features of the old version.  So, check out the latest features of Yo Whatsapp Apk.

    No. 1. Yo Themes

    It's time to get rid of the boring green WhatsApp UI.  The Yo Themes feature allows you to choose cool themes for your WhatsApp.  Many amazing themes can be applied with just one click.  After installing Yo Whatsapp on your device, you may see a special option called Yo Themes.  This allows you to change themes at any time.

    #2. Emoji type

    Yo Whatsapp comes with emoji options that have beautiful default emojis.  So you can send hundreds of emojis to your contacts.  We have shared only the type of emoji in our blog.  There are no emoticons on our site.  So you can download any package, it's a type of emoji.  You won't find all these emojis in any other MOD app.

    No. 3.  Submit a long video

    WhatsApp allows you to send videos up to 100 MB, no more.  This is a very annoying feature.  For example, what if you shoot a video larger than 100 megabytes?

  You can't send it to WhatsApp, you have to download it somewhere else and then send the link to someone.  But Yo Whatsapp allows you to send videos up to 700MB at a time.  I'm not kidding, you can check for yourself.

    No. 4. Blocking by default

    You don't need to install any third-party blocker app on Android to secure your WhatsApp chat.  Yo Whatsapp comes with a default lock that allows you to secure your chats with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock.  There is no such function in the official WhatsApp.  You will need to install any other app lock app to block it.  This is by far the best feature that every Yo Whatsapp user loves.

    #5. Freeze the last scene

    If you don't want to show your WhatsApp online, you can freeze the last scene with one click.  Even if you are using WhatsApp, you will not appear online after enabling this feature.  The last time you will see this WhatsApp is when you enable this feature.  Isn't it :-p I liked this feature.  You can freeze your last watch whenever you want and turn it off whenever you want.

    #6 Personalized Privacy

    It has many privacy features.  For example, you can always hide your last viewed WhatsApp, a blue checkmark (message scene checkmark), a second check mark (delivered message checkmark). 

  Don't worry, the recipient of the message won't know anything about you.  :-p That's why they're known as custom privacy features.  None of these features are available on the official WhatsApp.

    # 7. Double WhatsApp

    If you want to use dual WhatsApp on one device, Yo Whatsapp can be used as another WhatsApp.  Have you checked the package name like com? which is different than WhatsApp (com. wa).

  This means you can use both apps on the same Android phone.  Well, by using different Yo Whatsapp packages, you can use a total of 3 WhatsApp on your phone.

    # 8. No root

    Most WhatsApp mods require a rooted Android phone to work properly.  However, Yova also works well on non-rooted devices.

  There is no need to root your phone as this will void your phone's warranty and has many other side effects.

  We have personally tested Yo Whatsapp on our unrooted and rooted phones, it works well on both.  If you think that all modified applications need root rights, you are wrong.

    These are the features of the latest version of Yo Whatsapp Apk.  Now we are going to share the features of its old version. 

 What we do is every time a new version is released, we cut and paste those features from the list below and then update the new features in that list.  Let's go back to its old and useful features.

Yo Whatsapp all Features

    If you are looking for reasons why Yo Whatsapp is useful compared to other WhatsApp MOD apps, the list below will be very useful for you.

  In this list, we've shared the features of all versions of the Yo Whatsapp Apk.  This means a list of everything you can do on Yo Whatsapp.  Take a look at this list:

  •     Click on all messages sent by specific contacts in the group by clicking on their name
  •     Change the dot color online (Yo Mods> Home screen> Lines)
  •     Copy the title of the status by clicking on it
  •     Save profile pictures
  •     Download themes via ZIP files
  •     New Wallpaper UI
  •     Redirect limit increased to 250 (use at your own risk)
  •     Click Group Chat Individual
  •     See a live preview of your changes
  •     Airplane mode (turn off message when you need it)
  •     Status separator added (30-second video separation)
  •     Ignore archived chats
  •     Improved Yo Themes store speed
  •     Added new emoji
  •     Hidden chats will no longer appear in call logs
  •     Added vibration function for hidden chats
  •     Now respond privately to the group
  •     Re-enabled protection function to delete history / status
  •     Added confirmation message before clearing recent emoji
  •     Default lock to protect chat
  •     Colorful touch screen
  •     OnePlus slate font added
  •     The attach button is available in the WANH message
  •     Send up to 100 images at a time on WhatsApp
  •     Your image in an indoor/outdoor conversation
  •     Your indoor/outdoor group photo
  •     7 new icons
  •     Yo Themes Store (Whatsapp Theme Change)
  •     Choose who can call you (call blocking feature)
  •     Added Azerbaijani language
  •     Indonesian
  •     Contact picture out of message bubble
  •     Enable / Disable Last Viewed Counting Unread Messages (YoWa Widget)
  •     New ticks
  •     New bubbles
  •     Unread message/widget status color
  •     Hide media from the gallery (favorite feature)
  •     New FAB challenge added to the challenge screen
  •     Change the name of the group members
  •     Emoji type
  •     Switch between old and new emojis
  •     Delete custom privacy for specific contacts (Yo Mods >> Privacy >> Custom Privacy)
  •     Change the message counter text color
  •     Disable vibration in graphics key
  •     Use Triple WhatsApp on one phone
  •     Hide any contact / group name (tap on name >> hide contact name)
  •     Disable notifications while playing voice memos
  •     Show blue checkmark after answer
  •     You can hide the name of the person you are chatting with
  •     Rescue mode
  •     Delete custom anti
  •     Color gradient when previewing
  •     Highlight the message and start typing for the automatic reply
  •     Unlock forgotten PIN/pattern by setting recovery question
  •     Color link preview
  •     Send current status
  •     View storage usage on chat
  •     GIF video limit increased to 30 seconds
  •     Just copy the history/status text by clicking on it
  •     Custom privacy feature
  •     Disable calls for any contact
  •     Change the name and status font style on the home screen
  •     Change the color of the contact name on the home screen
  •     Custom hide/show status
  •     Android O emoticons
  •     Font preview in font style
  •     Delete media for conversations when deleting chats
  •     Manage conversation blocking in the Contacts / Groups information section
  •     Page title text color
  •     Translate into Turkish
  •     Enable/disable message counter on the launcher icon
  •     Show/hide table drawing path
  •     Send any type of file from the file manager
  •     Maximum image resolution control
  •     Mohna font
  •     Pin chat up to 1000
  •     Reduced network usage
  •     Swipe left to write to leave the conversation
  •     Send full resolution image, up to 10 MB (high quality)
  •     Added separate option for navigation bar color
  •     See the broadcast icon on the photo in the chat
  •     Save story images and videos to your phone
  •     Load theme from SD card (XML file)
  •     Change the emoji title color
  •     Whatsapp Round Icon
  •     Disable alerts in Android 7.0+
  •     Change the emoji select background-color
  •     Set video status to 5 minutes
  •     Set profile picture as chat wallpaper
  •     Latest colors
  •     Square photo corners
  •     Privacy mode
  •     Change the color of hyperlinks
  •     Hello ticks and bubbles 3D
  •     No ads (mode no ads)
  •     Screen saver
  •     YoMods settings design (new feature)
  •     Live preview of color changes (new feature)
  •     Airplane mode ✈️ (turn off messages when you need them)
  •     Hidden chats will not appear in unread counters (added)
  •     Hidden chats will not appear on the transfer screen (you can re-enable this feature in hidden chat settings)
  •     Added option to clear WA database backup
  •     Ability to share Yova with friends
  •     No error (however, we'll fix it if we find it)

    More to discover

    Interesting?  Yes, this list defines the final decision of most people to install Yo Whatsapp. 

  You may not be aware of these features before you read them.  But now you have cleared up all your misconceptions about this mod app.

  So if you decide to download it on your phone, below we are sharing the link for you.

Yo Whatsapp FAQ 


Yo Whatsapp lets you enjoy incredible additional features along with the basic and useful features from WhatsApp. If you still haven’t used Yo  WhatsApp then I would recommend you use this app to enjoy the users’ features. It has a more exciting display and chats appearances than the original one.

Do you want a fun messaging experience? Then how? are you still not downloading? Come on! Download Yo Whatsapp APK now and let me know what your take is. Please drop me a note below.

Yo Whatsapp

    Many people also want to download Yo Whatsapp for iPhone.

  So, in the next section, I have provided you the only way to do that and fix all the issues regarding the same.

  So if you are an iPhone/iOS user, just scroll down and you will find "Download Yo Whatsapp for iOS" and you will know everything in this paragraph.

    Yo Whatsapp is a very popular MOD application developed by Yousef Al-Basha.  It is called Yo Whatsapp Latest Version Apk and started dominating many Android smartphones just a few months after its launch.

  Yo Whatsapp Latest Version Yousef Yo Whatsapp is an updated version of official WhatsApp.  It contains many additional features which you have never seen in your WhatsApp app.  Yo Whatsapp is very similar to GB WhatsApp but still much better than that.  No other modded app can beat this amazing app.  Day by day, it is more and more sought after in the search results, which testifies to its rapid growth.  Through this blog, you can download Yo Whatsapp Anti-ban (Whatsapp yo) Latest with just one click.

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication apps in the world.  But it lacks many useful features.  Yo Whatsapp i.e. Yo Whatsapp Latest Version Apk has advanced features which are not available on any other carrier.  When it comes to trying out a modded WhatsApp app, we all start looking for it online. 

 To the right?  Yes, and then Google will start to trick you.  Most websites in search results are only for making money and not for what their readers want.  That is why it is not easy to download Yousef Yo Whatsapp Latest Version Apk on the first try.  But we are here to solve all your queries related to this app.  Many useful features are included in this modded application.

    Fuad is a new Yo Whatsapp Latest Version developer.  Yousef stopped developing his mod for some reason.  Well, not all Yova users need to panic about this.  Why?  Because Fouad supported Yo Whatsapp and now the app will be called Fouad Yo Whatsapp Latest Version or you can call it Fouad Yo Whatsapp.  We will continue to share new updates here for you.  Our app will still provide you with all the mentioned features.

    Many people prefer to use mod apps because mod apps offer more options than official apps.  So, when it comes to choosing the best WhatsApp mode, we recommend you to try Yo Whatsapp (Yo Whatsapp) developed by Yo basha.

  We guarantee that you will not get all these features on any other media available on the internet.  Moreover, the developer updates his application within a month.  With each update, the app brings something new.  That's why people love it and this app outperforms all competitors.  If you've never tried Yo Whatsapp before, you're missing out on a great opportunity.

    If you want to choose a mod with the maximum functionality, Yo Whatsapp Apk is the best choice.  Although there are many modded apps available on the internet, not all of them are equally useful.  Maybe you have used GB WhatsApp before, right? 

 Well, let me tell you that this is one of the best WhatsApp mods developed by GB Mods.  But now Yusuf al-Basha has come with a boom and started to rule instead of all other means.  Every WhatsApp lover has started using Yo Whatsapp (WhatsApp Yo) instead of others.  Previously, we also posted an article asking you all "What is Yo Whatsapp?"  recount.

Yo Whatsapp Latest Version Changelog

  • Base Updated To
  • Archive Chat Not Showing On The Group Tab Issue Fixed
  • RC-TELEGRAM X Recording Box Bug Fixed
  • Crash When Hide Archive a Hidden Chat Issue Fixed
  • Large Empty Space In Hidden Chat And Archived Chat Removed
  • Groups With “Admin Only” Still Showing Send Message Box In Some Entry Styles Fixed
  • Sending More Than 30 Images From Gallery Fixed
  • Number Zero Not Showing On Lock Screen in Some Phones Issue Fixed
  • Pin Lock Screen Redesigned
  • Status Splitter Crashing On Some Phones Fixed
  • Contact List Not Showing On Some Phones Issue Fixed
  • FMThemes Store Dark/Light Mode Added
  • Option Added To Hide Privacy Terms Notice (Universal > Hide Privacy Msg)
  • Fixed Shop Item Crash Issue
  • Fixed Contact Name Not Showing Clearly in Caption Mentions
  • Theme Wallpapers Not Applying on Some Themes Issue Fixed
  • Full Backup Not Working On Android 11+ issue Fixed
  • New Attachment Picker
  • Animation to New Attachment
  • 5 Entries Style Added
  • 16 Bubble Style Added
  • 14 Ticks Style Added
  • You will see the “NEW” tag in Front of New Styles Added
  • Now, Remove the “Read More” button & Read Long Messages Completely
  • Option Added to Change Online Toast Location (FMMods > Home)
  • One UI Rotate Issue Fixed
  • Status Tab Has Number, Changed to Dot Only Fixed
  • Unread Counter Issue (eg. Calls) Fixed
  • Custom Wallpaper Issue Fixed
  • Location Attachment Crash Fixed
  • Increase Forward Limit to 250 Option Removed
  • Enable Chats/Groups Separate without IG Stories
  • Message Delay Issue Fixed
  • Broadcast Icon Not Showing in Broadcast Messages Issue Fixed
  • Hide Blue Microphone Not Working Issue Fixed
  • Crash When Setting Wallpaper in Chat Issue Fixed
  • Swipe Row By Default Disabled
  • Group Tab Unread Counter Flickering Issue Fixed
  • Group Chats Tab Separation Option Added
  • Separate Groups Tab from Bottom Bar
  • Dubai Font Added – Arabic
  • Light/Dark Mode Switch will Save your current Settings & Can Be Restored
  • App Not Installed – Error Fixed
  • Fingerprint Timeout Error Fixed
  • Hide Second Tick – Issues Fixed
  • IG Status Disappearing – Fixed
  • WhatsApp Stickers/Emojis Showing in Gallery – Fixed
  • Group Description Appearance Improved in Dark Mode
  • Custom Privacy Check box Not Showing RTL Languages – Fixed
  • App Speed Improved
  • Many Bug Fixed